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Quick turnaround for Capital-Hurricane rematch

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Chris Dorst
Capital freshman Silas Nazario has run for five touchdowns and caught three scoring passes.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- When so many Mountain State Athletic Conference teams make the Class AAA playoffs - seven each of the last three years - rematches are bound to happen in the first round, like Friday's Hurricane at Capital game.

However, it's rare that they occur so close together. It's only been 12 days since the Cougars dumped the Redskins 39-8 at Laidley Field, and on Friday they'll do it all over again.

Which begs the questions: Does Hurricane stick with the same game plan it formulated two weeks ago, and just try to execute it better, or does it throw Capital a curve and bring a different approach?

"You take out what you didn't do well,'' said Redskins coach Jeremy Taylor, "and improve on the things that you can do well.

"A lot of it was effort. Watching film of our guys running to the ball, it looked like they kind of slowed down sometimes. It was like they said, 'Oh, he's got him, I'll slow down and take this play off.' ''

Capital's Kashuan Haley caused Hurricane problems with his quick bursts, as he ran 26 times for 110 yards and scored touchdowns on carries of 27, 5 and 7 yards.

"He's fast - deceptively fast,'' Taylor said. "You see our guys running with their fists clenched, running as hard as they can, and [Haley] just glides and is pulling away. The speed of Capital we just weren't ready for, and I hope we're ready this time.

"When you play Winfield and St. Albans back-to-back - the two teams we beat right before we played Capital - they didn't have the speed that Capital does. You get a false sense of security thinking you're faster than you are. I don't think we took good angles. I think it took the kids a little while to say, 'Oh, he's pretty quick.' ''


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